Introductions and other such trivial matters

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On the Cusp

It’s that time of the year when my birthday comes rolling around,like the tinkling of an ice cream vendor but when you come running out,it’s just another guy selling pots and pans.
I am at a viable die-able age,like Ammu was in ‘The God of Small Things’. Not so young and yet somehow strangely not so old either.
Starting to learn the that it’s the little joys that light your way in the darkness and not the sun.The sun as glorious as it is,can burn you to cinders if you aren’t careful.
Learning that as a musician dies so does a bit of your memories.That the same music that held you in a warm,melting embrace can leave you with a tinge of melancholy sadness.
Learning that as pitted and pocked and scarred your body is,it’s yours.That you can offer comfort in a hug.That you have more good hair days Β and even more better hair days.:) That fat comes and goes,it’s the words that people heartlessly say what stays.
Learning that your parents are your mirror to the future.What they are now,is what you would probably become.And it doesn’t faze you anymore.Hoping to get your mother’s kindness & quiet positivity and your father’s braveness & courage to take a stand.
You are all what you hate.And all what you love.I am slowly starting to accept my self for the way I am.
In the end,you keep yourself strong.You hold yourself together and mend all the broken pieces.You make your self happy.
Happy Birthday to me. πŸ™‚

And how God laughed.

God was looking down at the world,as he usually did on melancholy days,

you know,the ones where he was bored to tears.

Oh there,he saw, a silly human was making plans in that silly human way.

God grinned when he saw it get all excited about dreams coming true.

God was still laughing when he crushed them.


Medusa:The fallen Gorgon


I was the silent one in the temple of the Goddess Athena.The others used to tease me good naturedly calling me Medusa the Dreamer,she with her head always in the clouds.I was happy then.It seems like another lifetime now.

I feel my heart growing heavier and the rage growing again inside.The coiled serpents on my head have started to unravel and have started to hiss as they feel my mood growing darker.In the beginning,I was almost driven to insanity by the sound like a thousand whispers in my head that I was unable to get rid of.But now they offer me some cold comfort.Like water being turned to vapour over molten lava.I stroke them with my scarred hands.Wounds from many a sword fight.From the vile men who tried to slay me so that they could mount my head like a trophy from a cowardly victory,a sign of their puny virility.It is cold in the cave where I am,the chill magnified by the petrified bodies of fallen men.Most of them frozen into forever surprised, forever wretched grimaces.I know not what has shocked them more, the blood in their veins ossifying without their consent or the fact that it was a woman who got the better of them.

My serpents are the only ones who offer me solace in my loneliness.I talk to them like I used to talk to my beloved friends.The other vestal virgins in the temple.I feel the tears starting to fall and bite my lip hard to stop myself from crying.For it is all in vain.When the very Gods have forsaken me.When the very Gods have cursed me.And so I wait for the prophecy to come true.A slow countdown to my end.It will be a relief to leave this world.A world where I am so reviled and so hated.There is nothing to keep me from holding on.

The vipers have quietened down.I am unable to sleep.And I go back to the past again.As I do every night.Like a nightmare that has been burnt into my soul’s skin.